• Born and raised in Portland, OR, Caroline has always lived a very active lifestyle. At a young age she began taking dance classes and ballet became her passion, taking her all the way to Pittsburgh, PA to train with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre; and eventually to Las Vegas where she has been a company artist with the Nevada Ballet theatre since 2014.

    Caroline has always sought out extra physical activity outside of the dance studio, whether it be hiking at Red Rock, taking morning walks, or fitting in a workout at the gym. She rode her first XCYCLE® class in November of 2016 and by January she was hooked. After riding nearly every day she decided she wanted to take this newfound passion to the next level and become an instructor.

    Caroline teaches a musical and choreography driven class, which reflects her dance background. She places a strong emphasis on riding in sync as a group which emulates the feeling of dancing in a corps de ballet. Caroline believes we are all strongest when we move together and that you never regret a good workout.

    Follow along @spin.sync

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