• Born and raised as a North Dakota country boy, Shawn knows how to work hard and play even harder. He brings intensity to any workout through a mix of metrics – strength, stamina, and speed. Shawn’s fitness regimen has him competing in marathons and triathlons over the past 10 years while teaching indoor cycling for the last 3 years.

    Shawn loves seeing potential in others and squeezing it out of them. His commitment to a healthy holistic lifestyle paired with a zeal to challenge riders is what makes Shawn an authentic, energized, and inspirational instructor. He is addicted to pulse-pounding EDM, raising the bar, and performance-driven results.

    If you don’t see Shawn getting an endorphin rush in the studio, he is likely busy in his full-time career as an engineer. He’s a husband, father, book fanatic, and lover of imperfectionists. On weekends Shawn can be found relaxing in the midst of a backyard grilling session with a cold brew.

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