Kiah Cobb

“For me, XCYCLE® is a place of serenity. I get 45 minutes of peace within myself

“For me, XCYCLE® is a place of serenity. I get 45 minutes of peace within myself where I can exist without the everyday experiences of life. When that door closes, and the room gets dark, this is when I concentrate on being my best self and completing my life goals.

The XCYCLE® community and family is the reason I go every day. For Las Vegas to be so transient, it is comforting to see the same people every day that genuinely support you and your life goals. The friendships that have developed are so organic. People whom I would normally just walk by on the street, I have now found myself calling them my family. It’s interesting because the backgrounds of everyone are so unique. You have the well to do, prominent professionals, celebrities and the working class intertwined supporting one another in a nonjudgmental place. It doesn’t matter what you have or where you live… What matters is the PERSON YOU ARE!

I attend classes almost every day during the week and every time it is something different. I love how the instructors intertwine choreography and give you motivational messages. I also love the mood lighting. I know you may say that you are “just cycling on a bike” but it is so much more. The instructors determine how the class will be the second they close the door. That’s why it’s important to all be “on the beat” and “ride together” to create the energy within ourselves which is spread throughout the class. Most importantly, the instructors welcome constructive criticism. This is most important because they want to know what their riders think of their class and what they can do better to improve. There are no egos here. In addition, each instructor has their own style. Jen loves her sprints, she connects with her riders and she plays Pop/Rock/EDM music, Emily gives you a mix of high and lows with a playlist of current music of all genres, Kat is giving you a Party on A Bike and she really engages with her riders, Amber is giving you a Broadway production each time… it’s like going to a concert, Aly concentrates on maintaining form while cycling with infectious modern beats and Lily really knows how to set a mood that works well with her fabulous playlists.”