“I drank the XCYCLE® Kool-Aid and I’m hooked! Prior to joining the XCYCLE® family

“I drank the XCYCLE® Kool-Aid and I’m hooked! Prior to joining the XCYCLE® family (yes family) I had been to multiple cycling studios so I knew what to expect physically while on a bike but I never would have guessed that I would be completely consumed with the desire to be the best version of myself. I have since found enteral strength that grows with each ride, support from my instructors and fellow riders and 45 uninterrupted minutes a day for ME… because I deserve it! For those precious 45 minutes, I don’t think about my business, relationships, responsibilities, etc.… It’s just me, my bike and my thoughts.

The bikes are stationary but the journey to positivity and self-worth has taken me to some amazing places. I haven’t missed a day yet! I genuinely look forward to the physical and emotional breakdown and build up that each class brings. I have met some amazing individuals that have shared their journey with me and I honestly just feel so lucky to ride alongside these bad asses every day. Especially Kat’s 6:30pm crew! Sometimes you find your community when you least expect it, I found mine at XCYCLE®!”