Ally Ojeda

  • Ally is a Las Vegas native who moved away to Miami to pursue a career in the night life industry. After days on the beach and nights bartending, she eventually found her way to school in Miami. After a few years she was able to finish school and start a career in one of her first passions: hairstyling.

    While deciding to move back to Las Vegas from Miami, she knew that some kind of connection was missing but she just didn’t know what it was. Eventually she found her way to a yoga mat and her soul and spiritual mind were awoken in a way she could have never imagined. That’s because she was introduced to an amazing human and mentor named Dray Gardner, and a life changing movement called Silent Savasana.

    Now, after a few years of practicing and spreading light all over Las Vegas with Silent Savasana, she finally decided it was time to make that leap of faith and begin to follow her true dharma: becoming a yoga instructor. Why? To help connect, grow and heal her community. Through her training, mentors and studies, she has been able to develop a flow that challenges the mind, the body and helps heal the soul. Join her on the mat at XENXEN® to free your mind and align your body.

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