• Amanda grew up in South Dakota; she moved to Las Vegas in 2017 with her boyfriend and dog after spending six years in South and Central America. She’s been a fitness instructor for 17 years and a yoga teacher for 11 years.

    After a childhood spent playing sports, Amanda first discovered yoga in high school, and got more serious about it in college after she discovered the magic pose: savasana. It was what kept her going back to class at 6:00am twice per week, which was enough to notice changes in her body and mind that she couldn’t attribute to anything but that little practice. Her curiosity led her to India, where she did her yoga teacher trainings (500 hours) with Yogrishi Vishvketu.

    She teaches Akhanda Yoga, which is a complete approach to the practice that includes asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and intention. Even her non-Akhanda classes are heavily influenced by Akhanda, with a focus on breath, intentional movement, variety, and a balance between challenge and rest. Her teaching is light-hearted; she wants you to get curious about what your body can do, how it feels, and how it communicates with you. Join her on the mat at XENXEN® to find your XEN.

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