• What a wonderful journey. This path of yoga, with so many twists and turns, intense peaks and valleys, is just like real life. Yoga has been a profound part of my existence for the past 20 years. In 1998, I met and began to study with my teacher, John Friend, the founder of Anusara.  All the years of study (more than 1500 hours) challenged my notions of what was possible, what I was capable of; it was nothing short of amazing. I have been teaching Anusara Yoga for nineteen years, seventeen here in the Valley, sharing this love and passion I feel for yoga, both on and off the mat. Teacher trainings, workshops, classes, and therapeutic trainings have all been a part of my path, both as an instructor, and as a student.

    Yoga is transformative. It begs us to open, release judgment, find our hearts and ourselves. It pushes our physical and mental limitations. We expand and shift. We say “yes” and rise to meet our challenges. For me, yoga has provided a shining light, a sense of hope, even in the darkest moments.  My teaching style is hands-on, affirmative, often intense, sometimes silly, and hopefully FUN! In my classes, students strive to find their “edge” and learn how to get comfortable there. We focus on precise physical alignment of the body, growing the form of the asana. But alignment of the mind is also key; attitude is paramount. Yoga is, above all, a practice of love and acceptance.

    I am honored to be part of the talented teaching staff at XENXEN®, excited to study with the other instructors, and grateful for a new yoga studio and community that feels so intrinsically right. The moment I walked in, I felt that sense of being “home.” When I am not teaching, I enjoy being outdoors, playing in the desert, or at the beach. Rock concerts, fantastic food, and time with family and friends are just a few of my favorite things.