• Markie was all about athletics growing up. She dabbled in swimming, soccer, track and even women’s lingerie football. After a knee injury, Markie realized she needed to find a way to put less pressure on her joints. She decided to sign up for a 200 Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training, in the hopes of helping her knee rehabilitation. Through all styles and forms of yoga, Markie’s knee slowly began to recover and as she saw her body & mind begin to grow in new ways, she decided she wanted yoga to become a part of her constant lifestyle.

    Immediately after receiving her first 200-hour training, she began teaching and became certified in Z-Flow, Dharma 1 and Dharma Gentle (Yin).

    Markie believes in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual enhancements of the yoga practice. “Self-love comes from within and it starts with being gentle with yourself but also recognizing how fearless you truly are. Once you become fearless in this practice you will excel in your personal yoga practice but also in your everyday life.

    Joining the XENXEN® family has truly helped me reflect on my life, how I was living & how I should be living. I am able to show and embrace who I am and who I can be. When you come to my class, if you are feeling and thinking a certain negative way, I want you to leave my class feeling the complete opposite. The world’s greatest medicine we can give ourselves is movement. I love the combination of cycling, yoga, and fitness sculpt classes to get me out of my head and into my body. Join me to change up your routine, get yourself feeling good & take on every new day with the most positive outlook on life!”

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