• An Ohio native, I moved to Las Vegas in 2012, after graduating from college. Placing an extreme amount of pressure on myself to be “successful,” I was chasing “happiness” in all the wrong places and wondered why I felt like such a failure when I was trying so hard.

    I stepped into my first yoga class 4 years ago, and something amazing happened. I realized that I would never find happiness in any job, or person, or achievement, I found that it comes from within. I learned to let go of judgement and criticism, and replaced those with love and gratefulness. I was already enough. Along with all of this, I love the awareness and concentration on the present moment the Asana practice brings.

    I knew I wanted to share this but was dragging my feet on teacher training because stepping out of my comfort zone was difficult. I decided if I didn’t just do it, I never would. I graduated from teacher training in 2017 and couldn’t be more grateful for this journey. I’m excited to have found my new home at XENXEN®. My classes are about non-judgement, self-love, and showing up for yourself. Hope to see you soon in the XENXEN® Sanctuary!

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