• Born and raised in the city she loves and calls home, Vanessa is a Las Vegas local. She began her yoga journey this past year and is now a 200 hour RYT certified instructor. Yoga is more than just a physical practice for her. She loves the mental practice that is coupled with yoga.

    Vanessa believes the ancient practice empowers the mind as well as the body. Her classes promote strength training, flexibility, and coordination while also building mental awareness and confidence that you can take into your everyday life. You will learn to grow in love with yourself through Vanessa’s classes at XENXEN®.

    “With every inhalation, you grow. With every exhalation, you find yourself releasing and becoming a little bit more grounded. And with every sequence you practice you learn to find yourself in the present. Yoga takes you to places you’ve never been before.” As Vanessa begins her own teaching practice, she is so excited to have a home at XENXEN®.

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