700x32c Tire Size in Inches

700x32c tires are the perfect size for commuting and casual riding. They provide a comfortable, cushioned ride while still offering good traction and performance. They’re also lightweight, so they won’t slow you down when you’re riding uphill or sprinting to the next stop light.

But what does 700x32c mean and how do you convert the tire measurements into inches?

What Does 700x32c Mean?

700x32c is a tire size measured using the old French system. The first number represents the tire’s out diameter in millimeters (700mm in this case) while the second number represents the tire’s width in millimeters (32mm in this case). The suffix c is an old rim width rating where tires were rated from A to D with A being the narrowest (this rating is no longer used).

A 700x32c tire has an outer diameter (when fitted and inflated) of approximately 700mm and a width of 32mm. The width is the tire part you’d see when standing behind or in front of the bike.

What is 700x32c Tire Size in Inches?

Converting a 700x32c tire into inches is not as straightforward as it seems. Mathematically, 700mm would be equal to approximately 27.5 inches. So, one would think that a 700c tire is the same as a 27.5” tire but this is not the case.

A 700x32c tire (also referred to as a 700c) is the same as a 28” tire. Therefore, a 700x32c will have an outer diameter of 28” and a width of 1½”. A 700c tire in inches will have the following reading 28 x 1½ or 28 x 15/8 x 1½.

What is a 700x32c tire size using the ETRTO/ISO measurement?

Using ETRTO/ISO measurement, a 700x32c tire is the same as the 32-622 and 32-635 tires. The first two digits represent the tire’s width in millimeters while the last three digits represent the tire’s inner diameter in millimeters.

Therefore, a 700x32c tire will have either of the following ETRTO/ISO measurements: 32-622 (tire width of 32mm and inner diameter of 622mm) or 32-635 (tire width of 32mm and inner diameter of 635mm).

NB: 29” tires are also referred to as the 700c tires. They have the same inner diameter (622) as some of the 28” tires but they are much wider than the 28” tires. For this reason, they may not be interchangeable. Examples of 29” tires are 50-622, 54-622, 55-622, etc.

Where Do I Find My Bike’s Tire Size?

Finding your bike’s tire size can be tricky, but it’s important to make sure you have the right information before you go out and buy a new set of tires.

Here are a few tips to help you locate your bike’s specific tire size:

  • Check your bike’s owner’s manual. This is probably the best place to start, as the manufacturer will likely list the exact tire size that is recommended for your bike model.
  • Check the sidewalls of your tires. Check the sidewalls until you see 700x38c and you have found your bike’s tire size.
  • Search online. If you don’t have an owner’s manual, or if you just want more information about different tire sizes, do a quick online search. There are plenty of resources available that will show you how to measure your current tires and find compatible replacements.
  • Visit a local bicycle shop. If all else fails, take your bike to a local bicycle shop, and ask one of their experts for help finding the right tire size for you

What Inner Tube Sizes Should I Buy for a 700x32c Tire?

When shopping for replacement tubes for your 700x32c tire, always go for tubes made specifically for 28” tires.

Since tube sizes will depend on how much they are inflated, the tube sizes will be shown as a range. This makes it easier for you when shopping for a tube.

For instance, you will find a tube labeled 700×26-38 (a 700×26-38 means that the tube can be used with tire sizes ranging from 700x26c to 700x38c). This tube can be fitted on 28” tires with diameters ranging from 26mm to 38mm.


What is the difference between the 700x32c and the 700x38c tires?

The only difference between the 700x32c and the 700x38c tires is the tire width. While a 700x32c tire has a width of 32mm, a 700x38c tire has a width of 38mm. The two tires have the same outer diameter of 700mm.

Is a 28-inch wheel the same as a 700c?

When it comes to bike wheels, 700c can be used to refer to 28” and 29” tires. 29ers with a 700c rating are much wider than the 28” tires. Due to their big width, 29ers will not fit on 28” road bike rims.

Parting Shot

700x32c tire size in inches is a great choice for your next bike tire! This size is perfect for commuting, touring, or recreational riding. The 700x32c size provides excellent traction and a comfortable ride.

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