Are Schwinn Road Bikes Good?

Schwinn bikes are among the most popular road bikes on the market. Schwinn is a reliable USA-based cycling brand that has been widely popular for centuries, thanks to its long tradition of making quality bikes.

But are Schwinn road bikes good? To help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you need to know about Schwinn road bikes.

About Schwinn Road Bikes

Schwinn road bikes have become an excellent choice for most entry-level and mid-level cyclists compared to other brands. Schwinn bikes guarantee a smooth ride for all cyclists on even paved roads or rural paths. These bikes also come with an ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and stress on your shoulder, neck, and upper body parts.

Schwinn road bikes come with skinny tires, lightweight frames, and drop bars. Their drop bars allow you to ride in an aerodynamic position, making them a good bet for speed cycling. These road bikes have a lightweight frame that helps you sit upright. Additionally, Schwinn road bikes are fast, thanks to their large skinny tires.

These road bikes are best suited for long-distance rides and paved roads. Therefore, Schwinn road bikes are ideal for urban commuting, road racing, and touring. Schwinn has several road bikes, including:

  • Schwinn Millsaps Road Bike
  • Schwinn 700c Phocus 1400 and 1600 Men’s Road Bike
  • Schwinn Volare 1200 and 1400 Men’s Road Bike

Features that Make Schwinn Road Bikes Good


Schwinn road bikes have one of the most reliable and durable frames on the market. These road bikes are made with different frame materials, including; steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Steel is sturdy and absorbs more vibrations when cycling, but it is the heaviest. Aluminum frames are the most preferred because they are both stiff and light and are common in several road bikes. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest bike frame material. Carbon fiber is extremely light and durable, but it’s more expensive than steel and aluminum frames. Lastly, titanium combines the durability and strength of aluminum with the lightweight of carbon fiber. However, titanium frames are the most expensive.


Schwinn road bikes are designed with a lot of comfort and ease in mind. Schwinn has road bikes for each individual regardless of their size. You should choose the right size because a small one might be hard to fit in, while a large one might be hard to control. The bike you choose should allow you to touch the ground with the tip of your foot for great comfort and stability when riding. 


Schwinn road bikes come with front and rear derailleurs. The front derailleurs are either electronic or cable-activated. Depending on your bike’s drivetrain, front derailleurs come in either 2 or 3-speed variants. The rear derailleurs are used by riders when they want to change gears. Rear derailleurs can either be electronic, mechanical, or hydraulic.

Wheels and Tires

Schwinn road bike tires are mostly labeled 700×25. The 700 shows the tire’s diameter in millimeters and is the standard category. The second number gives the width of the rubber tire and varies across individual road bikes. Schwinn road bike tires guarantee a smooth ride, comfort, speed, and stability on most road surfaces.


Schwinn road bikes are well-known for their reliable braking system. There are two types of brakes that you will get out there, the disc brakes and the caliper. The disc brakes are known for their excellent stopping power no matter what gets on your brakes or if the ground is wet.


Road bike saddles usually come with less padding and focus more on weight reduction. Most road bike saddles give you a more aggressive position and offer a more aerodynamic position for the cyclist.

The Bad

  • Some riders have difficulty handling these road bikes because they lack sufficient legroom, especially when climbing.
  • Because of their design, long bike rides can be uncomfortable for tall cyclists, but this problem can be solved by changing the bike tire tube. Additionally, the seat position with the handlebars will make tall riders bend over when walking, which is quite exhausting.


Are Schwinn Road Bikes Good?

Schwinn is a reputable brand with road bikes for new and experienced riders who treat riding as a hobby. If you’re an entry-level rider, Schwinn road bikes will suit you. However, Schwinn road bikes may not suit your skills and speed if you’re a hardcore rider.

Are Schwinn Road Bikes Expensive?

Schwinn road bikes are available in all price ranges, making them an affordable option that is equally effective in terms of their specs.


Schwinn is among the oldest bike brands in the world. Up to date, Schwinn remains a reliable choice for those looking for a durable and reliable road bike as an everyday companion.

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