Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddle

Investing in the most comfortable road bike saddle can transform your riding experience. A comfortable saddle is important for riders of all cycling disciplines because, unless you’re a downhill mountain biker, trials, or BMX rider, it’s something you’re going to use for long rides. However, with so many styles, shapes, and price points available, the … Read more

Mountain Bike Brands to Avoid

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Can you Convert Mountain Bike into Cruiser?

Choosing the right bike to suit your daily riding or commuting can be challenging and confusing. Bicycles vary in terms of design, features, price, and other aspects. Mountain bikes and cruisers are very different, but either one can suit your riding needs. They’re both designed for comfortable rides and have tons of opportunities for exploration. … Read more

Can you Ride a Bike without a Front Derailleur?

If you’re a bike enthusiast, you know that bikes are a fun way to get around. However, most cyclists wonder if it’s possible to ride a bike without a front derailleur. Although it seems impossible, it’s not. If you’re wondering if you can ride your bike with no front derailleur, keep reading to find out … Read more

Best Bikes for Over 400 lbs

It normal to be overweight and trying to shed some weight is commendable too. It’s even better when you’re trying to get back on track by cycling. Not everybody gets the motivation to cycle when they’re overweight. To put the cycling motivation to fair use, you need the best bike for over 400 lbs to … Read more

Best Bikes Adapter Bars

Are you a cycling enthusiast and would like to take your bike with you on vacation? Then bike adapter bars are a must-have. A bicycle adapter bar is one of the most convenient ways to carry a bike on your car. With a bike adapter bar, the bike is transported safely and conveniently, but more … Read more

Best Road Bikes under 200

Some cyclists are unwilling to spend a fortune on their road bike whether they want to take a long-distance ride with their friends or are commuting enthusiasts. But some people think it’s hard to secure a quality bike at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a road bike under 200 dollars, we’ve got you … Read more

Best Three-Wheel Bicycles for Seniors

Cycling is an excellent outdoor exercise and low-impact activity that strengthens the brain, improves heart health, and is easy on aging. However, for the elderly, trusting themselves on a regular 2-wheeled bike can be challenging. Therefore, a 3-wheel bike is a great retirement gift and a handy machine for the elderly to feel in control, … Read more