How to Stop BMX Without Brakes

Riding a BMX without brakes has become a common trend in the recent past. Cyclists ride without brakes to show they can ride well while controlling their speed perfectly without the need for stopping power. In a controlled environment, there is little need to brake or slow the bike down. This is the main reason … Read more

How To Make Your BMX Hub Louder

Nothing excites riders more than the continuous clicking noise while riding down the street. Honestly, most people don’t know what attracts them to a loud BMX hub, but the sound is gorgeous. So how do you make your BMX hub louder? This article will help you make your BX hub louder for a memorable riding … Read more

How To Make Your BMX Bike Lighter

If you’re a cycling enthusiast and have ever ridden a heavy BMX bike, you know how challenging it can be. A heavy bike ruins your riding experience and makes everything more difficult- whether carrying it up to your top floor flat or pedaling up a steep hill. BMX bikes are well-known for freestyle riding and … Read more