Why are Bike Seats so Uncomfortable?

Have you ever ridden your mountain bike or any other type of bike for a while and started to feel that your bike seat is so uncomfortable? After the ride, you have a funny walk for a few minutes, or your backside is sore. So why are bike seats so uncomfortable? More often than not, … Read more

How to Avoid Pinch Flats

If you are an experienced rider, you know that one of the nightmares bikers experience regularly is the pinch flat problem. The pinch flat can be very annoying because it happens at the least expected time. Pinch flats usually happen when you hit something that causes a sharp impact. The impact compresses your tire so … Read more

How Much Does a Bike Tube Cost?

Bike tubes are among the few things you’ll need to replace or repair on your bike. However, this won’t be at the top of your list because they’re hidden out of sight or relatively low-priced items. Although bikes are low maintenance and cost less than car maintenance, it’s a good idea to know how much … Read more

Presta vs Schrader Valves: An In-Depth Comparison for 2023

Presta vs Schrader Valves An In-Depth Comparison

Looking to understand the differences between Presta and Schrader valves? Our Presta vs Schrader valves guide compares these two common valve types, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. The valve you choose depends on the terrain you ride, the type of bike you ride, and your personal preference. In this article, I will help you get … Read more

How Long Does a Bike Chain Last?

Your bike chain will slowly wear with use and will need changing from time to time to enhance your drivetrain’s performance. Worn-out bike chains wear sprockets quickly, shift poorly, and sometimes break. It’s a great inconvenience to all bikers, especially if you’re far from home and don’t have any tools to replace your broken bike … Read more

Average Cycling Speed by Age

In today’s busy life, everyone wants an effective way to relieve their stress. Cycling is the best way to stay fit and relieve yourself of the stresses of life. However, cycling and age have a relationship and determine the power a biker produces. As you age, there is a significant power reduction, hence the decrease … Read more

How to Put Air in Bike Tires with Presta Valve

How To Put Air in Bike Tires with Presta Valve

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to put air in bike tires with Presta valves. As an avid cyclist, I understand the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure for optimal performance and safety on the road. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a biking enthusiast looking to learn the ropes, this step-by-step tutorial will … Read more

How to Put Air in Bike Tires at Gas Station

If you’ve decided to inflate your bike tires at a gas station, you need to inflate them with the recommended pressure. Overinflating or underinflating your tires can affect the performance of your bike on the road. In contrast, using the right pressure will boost your ride’s performance. So, how do you put air in bike … Read more

How to Install Tubeless Bike Tires

Tubeless bike tires have become a favorite choice for most cyclists. In fact, most road bike owners fit them. Tubeless bike tires offer less rolling resistance, more comfort, and extra puncture protection. However, installing tubeless tires can be a bit challenging, especially for a beginner. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install tubeless tires … Read more