How To Make Your BMX Bike Lighter

If you’re a cycling enthusiast and have ever ridden a heavy BMX bike, you know how challenging it can be. A heavy bike ruins your riding experience and makes everything more difficult- whether carrying it up to your top floor flat or pedaling up a steep hill.

BMX bikes are well-known for freestyle riding and performing tricks. However, the weight of your bike plays a major role when performing these tricks. If you want proper control of your BMX bike, it’s time to shed some extra weight.

Why would one want to make their BMX lighter?

A Heavy BMX Means No Fun

A heavy bike doesn’t pedal well and handle well, and unless it has high-end brakes, it doesn’t guarantee incredible stopping power. If you want to make your ride memorable, you must make it enjoyable. As with any pastime or sport, if you have the right gear, it makes riding fun. And a light BMX bike is better.

Better Control

If you have a heavy BMX bike, you will get into all sorts of trouble, teetering and tottering until you fall over, especially if you’re a beginner. If the bike falls on top of them, they will be pinned down by a hunk of metal. With a lighter bike, one can either kick it out of the way or pick it up and move it, ready to hop back on and hit the road. With a light BMX bike, you will want to ride longer.

How to Make Your BMX Bike Lighter

Remove unnecessary parts

There are several parts on your bike that are unnecessary. These parts are not needed in your daily ride, and you can do without them. If you want to make your bike lighter, it’s time to take these parts off.

  • Kickstand: Most bikes have a kickstand. For BMX, this kickstand is extra and unnecessary. This could be the reason for the extra weight while riding. Therefore, you can eliminate your kickstand and manage well without it. It will eliminate some weight from your bike.
  • Chain guard: You need to be careful when removing this part, but when successful, you will save a lot of unnecessary weight.
  • Pegs: Pegs are among the most important parts of your bike. However, four pegs will increase the weight of your bike. Consider removing two and keep them on the sides you need them most. You can detach them and attach them later when you need them for performing specific stunts.
  • Reflectors: If your bike came with lights and/or reflectors but you only cycle during the day, eliminating them will save some weight and make your bike look cleaner.
  • Seat Post: Most professional riders don’t use seat posts. If you’re a pro, you can leave your seat post at home to reduce the weight of your ride.
  • Brakes: BMX riders use brakes differently. Some only use rear brakes, while others use the front ones. Some professional BMX riders don’t use brakes at all. You can remove a brake according to your riding style.
  • Gyro: If you rarely use it, eliminate it and save some weight.

Cut off some pieces of your bike

Although this sounds extreme, it is a common practice among professional riders. The aim of this is to eliminate chunks of steel to save a huge amount of weight.

  • Handlebar: This is the longest part of the BMX bike. If your handlebar is too wide, you can cut a bit but ensure to take accurate measurements from each side before cutting.
  • Other parts include the steerer tube, seat post, and hub axles.

Replace with lighter parts

If you have some dollars to spare, you can invest in some brand-new lightweight parts. You can start with the most affordable parts like the seat post, pedals, pegs, etc. Ensure you start changing the parts from where you want to lose the most weight. However, you should not buy the cheapest and most lightweight plastic parts.

Hit the gym

If you want to improve your performance on the road, hitting the gym should be your top priority. Although it won’t make you a professional rider, cardio exercises and lifting weights will make you stronger and lighter. The stronger you are, the easier you will pump the pedals, and the lighter it will feel.


Are BMX bikes supposed to be light or heavy?

A lighter bike is considered more efficient because it will accelerate faster, is more nimble, and is easier to carry. However, BMX bikes are designed for off-road. Therefore, most riders are comfortable with BMX bikes weighing 25 to 28 pounds. If your bike is in that range, you should be good.

How heavy should a BMX be?

Most BMX riders are conscious of their bike’s weight to help them perform BMX tricks easier. A basic BMX bike should weigh around 25 to 28 pounds. However, the lighter BMX bikes weigh around 20 pounds, depending on the parts. Generally, the lighter the BMX, the more expensive it is. Lighter will make a difference and make BMX better.


The main reason why BMX bikes are heavy is because of their components. Heavier bikes are not the best if you want to perform BMX tricks or go racing. However, it entirely depends on your personal preferences. If you want to make your bike lighter, it’s advisable to seek help from experts or friends who have done it before.   

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