How to Stop BMX Without Brakes

Riding a BMX without brakes has become a common trend in the recent past. Cyclists ride without brakes to show they can ride well while controlling their speed perfectly without the need for stopping power.

In a controlled environment, there is little need to brake or slow the bike down. This is the main reason why some cyclists use BMX without brakes. But why would anyone want to ride a BMX without brakes? Here’s how to stop a BMX without brakes.

Can you stop BMX without brakes?

It’s possible to stop a BMX without brakes. However, it can be difficult and risky to ride at first. It’s important to understand the basics before you hit the road with a brakeless BMX.

Riding a BMX without brakes becomes second nature once you master the various ways to slow down and stop.

Is it Safe to Ride BMX Without Brakes?

Riding a brakeless BMX is not safe for amateur or average riders. You should only use a brakeless bike if you have your protective gear and are an experienced rider.

Some riders perform impressive tricks with their BMX bikes without brakes, but this is only possible if you’ve done it before. You must understand the tricks before attempting to ride a BMX without brakes. It’s advisable that when you start riding a brakeless BMX, you don’t take any risks and stay in control of your speed every time.

How to stop a BMX bike with no brakes

Although it’s possible to ride a brakeless BMX, it can be a bit challenging if you’re a beginner. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you can be injured and must not panic if you don’t stop. Here’s how to stop a BMX bike without brakes.

  • Position your foot on top of the back wheel and press down. Your foot will pitch between the frame and the tire and stop the bike. However, this will wear out the shoe treads if you do it continuously, but it’s an effective way to slow your bike.
  • Drag your heel on the ground with one foot until the bike stops. Don’t use this method when at high speeds.
  • Ride parallel to a curb and pull up the handlebars, so the front tire is on top of the curb, but the back tire isn’t. Your back tire will skid on the curb and eventually stop the bike.
  • Place your foot on the ground and lean the BMX to the side. Skid the back tire around 180-degree until your bike stops.

Is a brakeless BMX bike safe to ride street?

Riding a brakeless BMX bike on the street is not advisable, especially if you’re a beginner. Generally, riding without brakes should be done by skilled and experienced riders. It’s not safe to ride without brakes if you cannot stop confidently.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the legality of riding without brakes. It’s illegal to ride a brakeless BMX because there is no reliable way to stop the bike. This is why bikes are sold with brakes.

Why do some BMX bikes lack brakes?

Some BMX bikes lack brakes because cyclists want to eliminate the weight of the braking system on the bike and also to ensure that the brake handle doesn’t get in the way when doing tricks.

Grabbing the handlebars after a trick can be challenging if you have an additional brake lever that you need to consider. Additionally, some riders remove the brakes to increase the bike’s maneuverability. The rider can cycle fast if the bike is lighter, which is a plus when riding a BMX on city streets.


Do all BMX bikes have brakes?

BMX bikes are bought with brakes. However, you can remove the brakes to give your bike a unique look. There are three types of BMX bike brakes: V-brakes, Coaster brakes, and U-brakes. V-brakes are most common on BMX racing bikes because they are more powerful and lightweight.

Is it illegal to ride BMX bikes without brakes?

It is possible to ride a BMX bike on a public road, but it’s not certain that you will get a ticket. All BMX bikes are sold with at least one gear to comply with the law, but if you remove the brakes once you’ve bought the bike, you will only be legally permitted to ride the bike offroad.


Although there are tons of benefits of riding without brakes, such a decision should not be taken lightly. If you want to ride a brakeless BMX bike, check your skill levels and decide if it’s fit riding without brakes. It’s also important to consider the legality of riding without brakes and the type of riding you intend on doing.

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