• A lifelong lover of fitness and admitted addict to a good “SWEAT SESSION,” Emily shares her passion through her high intensity, music pumping, muscle grinding, cardio party. Expect heavy hills and fast sprints blended with a thoughtfully selected mix of Hip Hop, EDM and Dance as she takes riders from strong to STRONGER.

    Born and raised in the Midwest, Emily’s curiosity to explore outside her hometown, led her to Arizona State University where she graduated in Biology and quickly moved further west to Los Angeles, where she began a successful career in medical sales. Emily joined the cycling craze while in LA, pedaling through multiple classes a week and pushing herself to the next level from a rider to now leading the group.

    A new resident to Las Vegas, Emily enjoys exploring the city with her husband and three step-daughters. She’s open to suggestions on the best sushi spot in town.

    Follow along @emilyaleavitt

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