Mountain Bike Brands to Avoid

It’s evident that not all mountain bike brands are of the same quality. Most people want to buy mountain bikes, but not everyone knows where to start. There are so many models and brands out there, and settling for one can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner.

Here are some crucial tips to help you know which mountain bike brands to avoid.

What makes a good mountain bike brand?


A good MTB brand gives you confidence in its products. They should make mountain bikes that meet the needs of riders and be easy to use. A good brand should have supportive customer care to respond to the needs of its clients. They should be upfront with their riders and never hide anything regarding the quality of their bikes.

Spare and Parts Availability

A well-established MTB brand should have readily available spare parts at most local stores and online. Ensure that you can easily get the parts you need and at an affordable price.


A mountain bike brand needs to find the right balance between cost and quality. They should not produce high-quality bikes that are too expensive for the average rider or produce low-quality bikes and charge too much.


An MTB brand should have innovative designs, but it’s also crucial to have bikes that last. There should be a balance between performance and durability. If they keep coming up with new products, they need to ensure that the new bikes can withstand continuous use and abuse and won’t demand repairs after a few days.


A good mountain bike brand should have a warranty that covers every bike. This gives riders peace of mind and makes them feel confident in the brand they’re buying from. The brand should have clear and accurate information about its products. Being upfront with their riders is important.


Lastly, a good mountain bike brand should aim at being good at one thing. This way, they can direct all their energy and innovations to perfect that one thing and become the best at it.

MTB brands to avoid

Less known MTB brands

Avoid any temptation to buy a mountain bike for less known brands, whether it’s for the looks or price. These unknown brands can cease trading quickly and are known to have low-quality bikes. You don’t want a bike that gets broken components after a slight fall. Unknown brands have less or non-existent spare parts and unreliable customer support.

Has no physical outlet

Nowadays, most mountain bike brands sell online, but they have physical outlets for testing and demonstrations. This allows you to view and try your favorite models before placing an order online.

Unfortunately, some bike brands don’t have physical outlets. So, you’ll end up buying a bike that you’ve no idea how it functions, and its quality ratings. You should avoid such brands at all costs.

Has poor customer ratings

Avoid any mountain bike model with poor online reviews. Although even the well-known brands have a few complaints, their negative reviews don’t outweigh their positives. Therefore, go through the customer reviews to understand what customers think about the brand and their bikes.

If there are several negative reviews, avoid the brand. Generally, you can rate the worst to best mountain bike brands using their online customer ratings.

Outrageously high prices

Although cheap mountain bikes are usually low quality, this doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune on a bike. Some MTB models cost over 10,000 dollars, which is extremely expensive, especially a casual bike.

Although budget mountain bikes cost about $300-$600, you can get a quality MTB for $800-$2,000 if you want a high-end casual mountain bike. However, if you’re a professional rider, you can spend any amount that suits your favorite model.

Brand went out of business / no longer operational

Avoid brands that are no longer in business because if your bike gets faulty, you might be stranded when looking for spares and accessories. Ensure that your favorite brand is operational, but if you’re buying from a reliable seller, you’re likely to get a bike from a reputable brand.

Non-Specialist retailers

Avoid retailers that don’t sell specialized mountain bikes. These superstores aren’t dedicated bike retailers, and although they may have exceptional customer service, they don’t have experts to advise you on bike spare, size, and maintenance. Always look for a specialized bike store that guarantees your high-quality MTBs with expert reviews.

Has no lifetime frame warranties

As a biking enthusiast, you know that trails and mountains aren’t the gentlest terrains. Therefore, you need a bike with a sturdy and durable frame; this is where a lifetime warranty comes in. The best MTB brand should have a lifetime frame warranty. If not, look for another brand.


Are the expensive mountain bikes the best?

High-end mountain bikes have more reliable components and come with great suspensions and super sharp brakes. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot find a budget MTB with high-quality parts.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the brand you choose boils down to your confidence in the quality of the bikes, budget, and the caliber of components in the bike. It’s better to spend extra dollars to buy a quality bike than try to save, only to land a low-quality bike.

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