700x38c Tire Size in Inches

Bike tires come in a wide variety of sizes. 700x38c are common sizes used on road bikes, hybrid bikes, and wheelies. But what does 700x38c mean and how do I convert these measurements to inches? I have all the answers you need in this article… What Does 700x38c Mean? 700x38c is a bicycle tire size … Read more

700x32c Tire Size in Inches

700x32c tires are the perfect size for commuting and casual riding. They provide a comfortable, cushioned ride while still offering good traction and performance. They’re also lightweight, so they won’t slow you down when you’re riding uphill or sprinting to the next stop light. But what does 700x32c mean and how do you convert the … Read more

How to Stop BMX Without Brakes

Riding a BMX without brakes has become a common trend in the recent past. Cyclists ride without brakes to show they can ride well while controlling their speed perfectly without the need for stopping power. In a controlled environment, there is little need to brake or slow the bike down. This is the main reason … Read more

How To Make Your BMX Hub Louder

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How To Make Your BMX Bike Lighter

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1x vs. 2x drivetrain

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How to Tighten a Bike Chain

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Clipless vs. Flat Pedals

When looking for bike pedals, you need to consider your type of riding. Will you be mountain biking or road biking? Are you looking for the ease and maneuverability of flat pedals or the efficiency and pedaling power of clipless pedals? Perhaps you want to enjoy the perks of both worlds. Whether you’re a beginner … Read more

Ways to Mount Cameras on a Bike

Many bikers like mounting cameras on their bikes to capture every moment on the road, take cool videos to share on social media, or as insurance evidence in case of an accident. But how do you mount a camera on your bike? This post will give you some effective ways to mount your camera on … Read more

Why are Bike Seats so Uncomfortable?

Have you ever ridden your mountain bike or any other type of bike for a while and started to feel that your bike seat is so uncomfortable? After the ride, you have a funny walk for a few minutes, or your backside is sore. So why are bike seats so uncomfortable? More often than not, … Read more