“Honestly my experience the first time was so amazing that I knew right

“When I first stepped into XCYCLE®, all I can remember was feeling so nervous and worried about being laughed at or being stared at. The reason I came in thinking this way is because all I can think of is a gym, everyone in a gym just stares at you and I know most of the time, they judge you. Honestly my experience the first time was so amazing that I knew right off the top of my head I had to join XCYCLE® soon.

XCYCLE® is so amazing, the staff are amazing, just everything about it is so amazing. I’ve only been riding for a few months now and let me just say this is what my life is pretty much all about now. It has helped me in so many ways, like by giving me confidence, helping with my anxiety, feeling better physically and mentally, and just being more of a positive person which is so important. Speaking of positive let me tell you, all the classes that I’ve taken so far have been with Jen, Kat, and Amber and let me just say you’ll never meet amazing women like them! Kat has given me so much confidence and has pushed me since my day one and I thank her each and every time because it’s changed me. All 3 ladies give so much encouragement, that is just the best feeling ever. I see them as a second family, in fact XCYCLE® is my family.”