Tommaso Imola vs Specialized Allez Road Bikes

When looking for a low-impact form of exercise, cycling is the most appropriate. It is suitable for young children and old adults since it’s fun and not that expensive. Tommaso Imola and Specialized Allez are among the best road bikes in the cycling world. But how do these road bikes compare?

The key difference between Tommaso Imola and Specialized Allez is that the former is an entry-level endurance bike while the latter is a beginner-level race bike. Here’s what sets Tommaso Imola and Specialized Allez apart.

Overview of Tommaso Imola

Tommaso Imola is an endurance bike that’s great for beginners and more experienced cyclists. It relies on the typical rim brake but has reliable stopping power comparable to disc brake bikes. Thanks to its relaxed geometry, this is a plush ride that keeps you in an upright position for superior comfort. You will love this as a beginner bike because it’s easy and comfortable to handle, making it a good bet for riders with limited experience.

Although this Tommaso bike is ideal for road cycling, you will notice that the gear configuration suits a mountain bike. If your area has many hills, this will be a great advantage. What’s more, Imola has a perfect combination of steel forks and an aluminum frame.


  • One of the most affordable and comfortable road bikes
  • A beginner-friendly bike
  • Great gear configuration for hills


  • Assembly required

Overview of Specialized Allez

Specialized Allez is your top-secret undercover decoy. When your riding buddies see you riding it, it will be hard to convince them you only paid $1,000 or less for this road bike. It functions and looks like a high-end bike. The Allez feels strong and durable, but it’s lighter than most bikes in the same category. The frame’s geometry means you can ride long distances with less fatigue. The tapered head and carbon forks make steering a breeze, and you will ride comfortably on most types of road.


  • Efficient and lightweight
  • A good balance of speed and comfort
  • It feels and looks like an expensive bike


  • It lacks tubeless-ready wheels

Tommaso Imola vs Specialized Allez: Side by side comparison

At a glance:

 Tommaso ImolaSpecialized Allez
Bike typeRoad bikeRoad bike
GeometryEndurance geometryRace geometry
Bike Weight23.8 lbs 
DrivetrainShomano Claris derailleurs2x Shimano Claris
No of gears2416
SpeedSlower than AllezFaster than Imola
BrakesShimano Claris rim brakesTekra dual-pivot brakes
Wheel size700c700c
TiresKenda K152 700cx25c tires700cx26c
Frame sizes66
Colors3 colors4 colors

Detailed Comparison:

Bike type:

Tommaso Imola is a quality and lightweight entry-level bike designed for those starting out in cycling and don’t want to spend a fortune on a road bike. This road bike is a great option for a quality bike that can handle different terrains, from rugged surfaces and tarmac to flat surfaces.

On the other hand, Allez is an entry-level race bike that you can use for road racing as a beginner. However, this road bike cannot be used for competitive racing.


Tommaso Imola has an endurance geometry that’s more comfortable and relaxed for long-distance rides. Its geometry has a longer wheelbase for stability on most road surfaces. What’s more, its geometry makes it ideal for both genders.

Specialized Allez sports a race geometry that’s more aggressive than an endurance geometry. This geometry focuses more on speed, making it a great choice for racing and riding against the wind.

Bike Weight:

Tommaso Imola comes with a steel fork, making it slightly heavier than Specialized Allez, which has a carbon fork. Therefore, even though these road bikes have a lightweight design, Allez is lighter compared to Imola.


Tommaso Imola has a powerful Shimano Claris drivetrain, making it a powerful budget road bike. In contrast, Specialized Allez has a 2×8 Shimano Claris drivetrain.

No of gears:

Tommaso Imola has 24 gears that allow you to cycle easily in a wide range of terrains. Specialized Allez, on the other hand, has 16 gears. Therefore, Imola can handle more off-road surfaces compared to Allez.


The Tommaso Imola uses the Shimano Claris brake calipers, guaranteeing reliable stopping power, while Allez comes with Tektro Dual-Pivot brakes. Although both brakes promise reliable stopping power under all conditions, Imola’s brakes are more responsive.


Tommaso Imola comes with Kenda’s 700x25c tires, which have good width and don’t have trouble stabilizing. On the other hand, Specialized Allez uses Road Sport wire-bead tires, which have decent quality and roll faster.


Tommaso Imola is available in three color options (burnt orange, black, and white), while Specialized Allez comes in four colors: satin black/cast battleship, gloss clay, gloss raspberry white silver, and tarmac black/gloss sky blue.


Ultimately, the road bike you choose depends on your budget and riding preference. Although both are reliable road bikes, always choose the easiest, most convenient bike that will suit your budget and the terrains you’re riding on.

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