Trek Domane vs Madone

Are you looking for a Trek Road bike but not sure which one to buy? I’ve got you covered. Trek offers riders a choice of two very different road bikes: the Trek Domane and the Trek Madone. The former is specially designed for performance, while the latter is devoted to endurance.

The key difference between Trek Domane and Madone is in their geometry, weight, and tube profiles. Wondering why this matters so much? This is because a bike will perform and feel differently depending on the three things.

If you want to know which road bike suits you best, here’s what Trek Domane and Madone have to offer.

Overview of Trek Domane

The Trek Domane is one of the best road bikes on the market right now. This road bike is designed with parts performance, practicality, comfort, and versatility in mind. It comes with compliance-enhancing front and rear decouplers that function well to improve rider control and comfort. Domane has a light steering and precise handling, making it one of the best road bikes for descending roads and a capable all-road and light-gravel bike.

The Trek Domane is a do-it-all bike that guarantees amazing comfort over long distances. Although it may not be the most sprightly bike out there, it is a versatile machine with impressive specs at a competitive price.


  • Unique geometry
  • Huge tire clearance
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Easy to service and upgrade


  • Basic and heavy frame
  • The handlebar drop shape is too compact

Overview of Trek Madone

The Trek Madone is an ultimate superbike designed to give you every advantage in speed and handling. Only Madone has the triple threat of advanced aerodynamics, unprecedented integration, and superior ride quality among the world’s best road bikes. This road bike is the fastest and lightest Madone road bike, thanks to the all-new 800 Series OCLV Carbon.

The Madone has superb handling and is very stable at high speeds. Simply put, it does exactly what you want it to do on the road. This road bike is ferociously fast and will dominate road races and smash PRs. With its striking looks, faultless build, and clever integration, this superfast aero race bike will guarantee a smooth riding experience.


  • A fast bike that’s comfortable on flat or rolling terrains
  • It has an aerodynamic advantage
  • It is a stiff bike for sprints

Trek Domane vs. Madone: Side by side comparison

At a glance:

 Trek DomaneTrek Madone
Bike typeEndurance road bikeAero bike
GeometryEndurance geometryRace geometry
Bike Weight17.2 pounds16.76 pounds
DrivetrainShimano Ultegro Di2Shimano Ultegra R8000
No of gears16 speeds12 speeds
Speed28 mph12 mph
BrakesTektro C550 mechanical disc brakesShimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel size700cx 47-54cm700c
Tires700×30-38c tires700×25-28c tires
Frame sizes47cm-62cm47cm-62cm
Colors6 colors7 colors

Detailed Comparison:

Bike type:

Trek Domane is an endurance road bike designed to withstand rough terrains and allow you to comfortably ride for a long distance without necessarily being fast. In contrast, Trek Madone is an aero-race bike that uses aerodynamic principles. Your body assumes a low-lying position to create sufficient momentum to cycle fast and resist wind drag.


Trek Domane comes with endurance geometry, while the Madone has a race geometry which is more aggressive than Domane’s geometry. Generally, a race geometry enhances wind drag resistance and promotes faster riding, while an endurance geometry enhances stability and comfort.

Bike Weight:

Trek Madone is lighter than Domane. For instance, the Madone SLR9 weighs 16.76 pounds, while Domane SLR9 weighs 17.2 pounds. Domane’s slightly heavier build provides more stability, while Madone’s lower weight makes it speedier.


Both bikes are equipped with the same 12-speed Dura-Ace drivetrain, which guarantees quick shifting for fast riding.


Madone has a race geometry and aerodynamic advantage, making it speedier than Trek Domane. Domane is designed to promote a more upright sitting position, meaning that it’s not as fast as the Madone. If you’re looking for a bike to race with, especially on flat grounds, look for Madone.


Both road bikes use the disc brake system, promoting sufficient stopping power even when riding on gravel and wet surfaces.


The Madone road bikes are slightly pricier than the Domane bikes. The Trek Domane SLR9 costs $12,249.99, while the Madona goes for $12,549.99.


What is the Difference Between Trek Domane and Madone?

The main difference between Domane and Madone comes in their geometry. The Trek Domane is an endurance bike best for touring, while Madone is an aero-road bike designed for racing.

Is Trek Madone Comfortable?

Madone comes with aggressive aerodynamic geometry, meaning that you will have to bend a lot. Therefore, the road bike is not comfortable for long-distance rides.


If you’re torn between the Trek Domane and Madone, here’s what sets them apart. Generally, Domane is a great touring bike, while the Madone is a reliable racing bike. Although these bikes have several similarities, they are mainly split according to purpose.

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