Trek Emonda vs Domane

Trek Emonda and Trek Domane are among the most popular Trek road bikes. Both bikes are built to be lightweight, fast, and comfortable. Although they seem to be similar in many ways, they have differences in terms of their specifications.

So, how do these road bikes compare?

The key difference between Trek Emonda and Trek Domane arises in their performance. Trek Domane is an endurance road bike designed for comfort and better ride quality, while Emonda is a race road bike that’s well-known for agility and speed. So Emonda is best for on-road racing, while Domane is ideal for road tours. 

Here are the differences between Trek Emonda and Trek Domane.

Overview of Trek Emonda

If you’re looking to upgrade from a lower-level road bike and make a significant jump in performance without breaking the bank, this is a good bet. With this road bike, you get a high-performance machine that will help you take on longer and more challenging rides and enjoy your time on the road. Emonda’s geometry provides a snappy and responsive ride that won’t break your back.

Trek Emonda comes with a semi-aero design that reduces aerodynamic drag, making it super-fast. Its lightweight design makes it a better racer and climber since it’s easier going uphill with a lightweight bike compared to a heavier one. Emonda prioritizes speed and agility more than ride comfort and stability. This is a great option for beginners looking for a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver, and quick bike.


  • Ideal for those who value comfort and speed
  • Great maneuverability on the road
  • Lightweight road bike
  • Amazingly stiff ride
  • Exceptionally fun to ride


  • Not the best choice for imperfect road surfaces

Overview of Trek Domane

Trek Domane is a high-quality endurance road bike with a more upright geometry, making it perfect for road tours. If you’re looking for the best road bike for gravel surfaces, this is a good bet since its endurance geometry focuses more on stability than speed. Since it has an upright geometry, this road bike is suitable for riders with back issues. What’s more, the fact that you can easily ride it on gravel means that it is a perfect all-terrain choice.


  • Balanced comfort
  • High level of integration
  • Impressive specs
  • Versatile


  • Slightly sluggish on steep hills

Trek Emonda vs. Domane: Side by side comparison

At a glance:

 Trek EmondaTrek Domane
Bike typeRace road bikeEndurance road bike
GeometryRace geometryEndurance/ sportive geometry
Bike WeightLighter than DomaneIt weighs slightly more than Emonda
Drivetrain12-speed Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain12-speed Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain
No of gears2×11 speed gearing system3×11 speed gearing system
SpeedFaster than DomaneSlower than Emonda
BrakesShimano Dura-Ace Disc BrakeShimano Dura-Ace Disc Brake
Wheel size700c700c
TiresUp to 30cUp to 38c
Frame sizes47cm to 62cm47cm to 62cm
Colors7 colors colors
PriceA bit pricier than DomaneLess costly Emonda

Detailed Comparison:

Bike type:

The Trek Emonda is a race road bike, while the Domane is an endurance road bike. The key difference is that an endurance bike is designed to ride smoothly on different road surfaces, while a race bike is meant for racing on-road.


The Trek Emonda is designed as a race bike since it comes with race geometry. Trek Domane is an endurance bike that has a sportive or endurance geometry. A race geometry focuses on improved aerodynamics and is more aggressive, making it a great choice for racing. A sportive or endurance geometry comes with a more upright posture, making it a good bike for long rides or tours.

Bike Weight:

The Trek Emonda is the most lightweight Trek bike making it ideal for racing. However, this doesn’t mean that Domane is very heavy, but Emonda is lighter than Domane.


Both bikes come with a 12-speed Shimano Dura-ace drivetrain which guarantees quick acceleration and smooth and efficient shifting.


The Trek Emonda comes with Shimano 105 2×11 speed gearing system, while Domano has Shimano 105 3×11 speed gearing system.


The Trek Emonda and Domane are undeniably fast. However. Emond’s low weight and race geometry make it speedier than Trek Domane. It’s important to note that the speed of both bikes entirely depends on your riding experience and where you ride.


The wheels in Trek Domane are Bontrager AT-650 alloy front/back wheels, while Trek Emonda comes with Bontrager Race Lite i23 tubeless-ready disc carbon wheels.

Frame sizes:

Trek uses the same sizing guide for both road bikes to ensure that they cover all cyclists. These bikes have frame sizes ranging from 47cm to 62cm.


Trek Emonda is more expensive than Trek Domane. Here’s a comparison table for their different bike models.



Although Trek Emonda and Trek Domane have several similarities, they differ mainly in purpose and geometry. Generally, Emonda is a great on-road racer, while Domane is a better tour bike.

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